Awesome AI for EDA

A curated paper list of existing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) studies.

The list is under construction.

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About this page.

This page contains a curated list of AI for EDA papers. It is under construction and you are welcomed to submit your publications. This page can automatically render the plain bibtex file into html for display on the webpage. So you only need to submit your bibtex file to Or contact Guojin Chen by email

If you find it helpful, feel free to cite it as

  title   = {Awesome AI for EDA: A curated paper list of Artificial Intelligence for Electronic Design Automation studies.},
  author  = {Chen, Guojin and Mai, Jing and Lin, Yibo and Yu, Bei},
  journal = {},
  year    = {2023},
  url     = {}


bibtex -> html


How to contribute / add my publications?

By email or By github PR.

Method 1: send your bibtex to Guojin Chen by email

bibtex format

Following this format. Example: 👇🏻

Required Fields

The title, author, _venue, year, topic Fields are required. You publication will be displayed into the corresponding topic.

Optional Fields

You can also add url or link field to attach the paper link.

Add the abstract field to show the paper abstract.

Add the code_url, slides_url, video_url, talk_url, project_url field for link to your codes, slides, video, talks, or project pages.

  title={Physics-Informed Optical Kernel Regression Using Complex-valued Neural Fields},
  author={Chen, Guojin and Pei, Zehua and Yang, Haoyu and Ma, Yuzhe and Yu, Bei and Wong, Martin},
  booktitle={ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conference,  (\textbf{DAC '23})},
  _venue={DAC},                              # Required field,
  year={2023},                               # Required field,
  topic = {Lithography},                     # Required field,
  url = {link to your paper},                # Optional field,
  abstract = {abstract of your paper},       # Optional field,
  code_url = {link to your codes},           # Optional field,
  slides_url = {link to your slides},        # Optional field,
  talk_url = {link to your talk video},      # Optional field,
  video_url = {link to your video},          # Optional field,
  project_url = {link to your project page}, # Optional field,

Method 2: Submit a github PR to

Step 1: Add your bibtex file to ./publications/***.bib

We provide different categories according to the EDA flow, please copy your bibtex to the corresponding category.

The categories are defined in pub.yaml of repo: awesome-AI4EDA, you can also submit new categories to pub.yaml or contact to help you add the categories.

# pub.yaml
  name: "All publications"
      heading: "High Level Synthesis"
      file: hls.bib
      heading: "Logic Synthesis"
      file: logicSyn.bib
      heading: "Circuit Verification"
      file: circuit.bib
      heading: "Placement"
      file: place.bib
      heading: "Clock Tree Synthesis"
      file: CTS.bib
      heading: "Routing"
      file: routing.bib
      heading: "Timing"
      file: timing.bib
      heading: "Layout Verification"
      file: layoutVer.bib
      heading: "Mask Optimization"
      file: opc.bib
      heading: "Analog Layout Synthesis"
      file: analog.bib
      heading: "Testing"
      file: testing.bib
      heading: "Dataset and Tools"
      file: data.bib

Step 2: Add the topic for your pub in the bibtex file.

Follow the bibtex format above. Add your bibtex to the corresponding file.

Step3: Submit a PR or email to Guojin Chen (

Submit a PR to repo: awesome-AI4EDA.

Or send your plain text bibtex to Guojin Chen (

Thank you.


Thanks for the contribution and support from Prof. Bei Yu, Prof. Yibo Lin, Dr. Keren Zhu, Mr. Guojin Chen and Mr.Jing Mai

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